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7 Facts You May Not Know About Your PBS Station

With the end of the year upon us – and many considering making their final 2013 donations – we thought we’d tell you a few things about CET and ThinkTV you might not have known. Enjoy!


1. CET and ThinkTV serve a regional community of more than 3 million people. In a typical year, 90 percent of these people use our programming and educational services – and that’s not including our online services such as streaming video, online classroom resources, social media pages and more.


2. As public television stations, CET and ThinkTV are the most trusted source for children’s programming by parents, the most trusted source of educational materials by teachers, and the most trusted source of public affairs programming by viewers.


3. Four out of every five children between the ages 2 and 8 watch CET & ThinkTV’s educational programming during the year. ThinkTV & CET provide more than 160 hours of children’s programming every week.


4. The resources and workshops provided by CET and ThinkTV reach more than 3,000 childcare providers each year. We’re also the #1 source of video content for preschool teachers.


5. Through special initiatives and partnerships, such as the American Graduate project and our role in Ignite Innovation, CET and ThinkTV are working to reduce high school dropout rates and support the crucial role STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education plays in our region’s future.


6. CET Arts, the first local 24-hour arts and cultural broadcast service of its kind in the country, provides viewers a front-row seat to national, regional and local performances. This year’s local programs included titles such as LumenoCity, The Cincinnati Boychoir: A Treasure of Youth and Song, Monteverdi at CCM, An Evening with Gerald Wilson, selection from the CCM Mahler Marathon and others among more than a dozen episodes of SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar.


7. For every dollar in annual federal funding, our stations raise 6 dollars. In fact, federal support for public television nationally represents only 1/100 of 1% of the federal budget. CET & ThinkTV rely on a unique public-private partnership to support our educational, cultural and public service mission.


While limited government support offers some essential “seed funding” for our stations, voluntary community support remains the single most important contributor to our organization’s mission, service, financial health and capability.


To make a gift – even something as small as $5 per month – please visit us online at, call 1-800-808-0445, or mail at CET, Attn. Member Services, 1223 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 43214. For more information about how a financial, stock or vehicle gift to CET can benefit you and our community, visit

Posted on: 12/26/2013 • Membership

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