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On Demand Service Gets New Look

For those of you who regularly use our On Demand service, you may have noticed a change – in fact,  we recently re-launched On Demand with a whole new look! As always, the On Demand website is packed with thousands of full-length videos and episodes, clips, extras and previews, but now the site is infused with a variety of additional tools.


Firstly, and possibly most obviously, the site plain old looks different – but don’t worry! All the videos you’ve been watching are still there and can be found through the search and browse functions.


One of the coolest new features is that the site now enables users to quickly and easily create a watchlist without any sort of login or social connection. As long as you stick with the same browser next time you visit the site, your watchlist will be there!


Also, local programs like Our Ohio, SHOWCASE and Focus are easier to find than before – they’re the first ones that show up under the full programming section labeled “More Programs.”


We also wanted to point out that, if you DO want to log in socially, each video has an easy share button that allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as to email the video to your friends and family.


This is just a small sample of some of the great new tools, so take a few minutes today and hop on over to or to check out  our new On Demand service.

Posted on: 08/08/2013 • Station News

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