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Downton Abbey: The Wait is (Almost) Over


Are you a Downton Abbey fan? If so, you’ve probably been holding your breath for the third season right along with us. What will Bates’ future hold? How will the politics of the day affect the estate? When will those long-awaited wedding bells ring?


The anticipation is almost over! Downton Abbey Season 3 will premiere on ThinkTV16 and CET at 9pm Sunday, Jan. 6.


In this first episode, wedding guests descend on Downton Abbey, where disasters large and small threaten the plans, including Cora’s freewheeling American mother – played by Shirley MacLaine – who tries to loosen-up her in-laws…


Here is the program schedule for all of Downton Abbey Season 3 on CET and ThinkTV16:


Episode 1: Jan. 6th at 9pm (2 Hours)

Episode 2: Jan. 13th at 9pm (1 Hour)

Episode 3: Jan. 20th at 9pm (I Hour)

Episode 4: Jan. 27th at 9pm (1 Hour)

Episode 5: Feb. 3rd at 9pm (1 Hour)

Episode 6: Feb. 10th at 9pm (2 Hours)

Episode 7: Feb. 17th at 9pm (2 Hours)


Downton Abbey also airs Wednesdays at 8pm on CET Arts if you live near Cincinnati. For more about the Arts channel, visit


And visit our special Downton Abbey pages here: and

Posted on: 12/27/2012 • Programs

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