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NOVA scienceNOW returns, features Cincinnati Zoo

Welcome to the new Public Media Connect (CET and ThinkTV) blog! I'll be using this forum as a way to share things such as special programs, station news, event updates, community highlights and more.


That said, here we go:


We’ve been celebrating “Science Wednesday” here at Public Media Connect for about six months. That means, almost every Wednesday, we’re airing Nature, NOVA, Inside Nature’s Giants and other science-oriented programs between 8pm and 10pm.


Next week, we’ll see PBS’ NOVA scienceNOW as part of Science Wednesday for the first time.


This series, which premiered in 2005, is a newsmagazine version of the popular NOVA program. Since the program’s launch, producers have included topics like dark matter, the first primates, bird brains, the 10th planet, T. Rex blood and much more.


This season’s six episodes – which are hosted by David Pogue – seem to be equally interesting and will even feature the Cincinnati Zoo! Here is the line-up:


Oct. 10: What Makes Us Human – The evolutionary roots of human traits such as language, tool-making and laughter are uncovered. In this episode, David Pogue tickles several animals at the Cincinnati Zoo to see if he can make them laugh.


Oct. 17: Can Science Stop Crime? – Scientists are pushing the limits of technology to solve horrific murders and try to prevent crimes.


Oct. 24: How Smart Can We Get – Meet people who are stretching the boundaries of what the human mind can do.


Oct. 31: Can I Eat That – Scientists put food under the microscope to uncover what’s behind the mouth-watering flavors.


Nov. 7: What are Animals Thinking – David Pogue meets and competes with a menagerie of smart critters to highlight how animals think.


Nov. 14: What Will the Future be Like – David Pogue investigates which gadgets and technologies are likely to transform our daily life.


NOVA scienceNOW airs on ThinkTV16 and CET at 10pm. For more information, visit or


If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We’d also love to know which NOVA scienceNOW episode you’re looking forward to the most!


Posted on: 10/04/2012 • Programs

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