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Public Media Connect's two auctions on the horizon

Public Media Connect, ThinkTV and CET, is gearing up for our two biggest events – The Action Auction in Cincinnati and the GreatTVAuction in Dayton. These televised auctions are our biggest annual fundraisers and they help ensure that Public Media Connect can continue to provide broadcast, educational and arts services on air, online and in the community.


The Action Auction will be broadcast from 5pm to 11pm April 10th through April 12th and from 3pm to 11pm April 13th on CET. The GreatTVAuction will be broadcast from 6pm to 11pm April 22th through April 25th and from 6pm to midnight April 26th and April 27th on ThinkTV16.


Although both stations are still taking donations of all values – including gift cards – for the live, broadcast auctions, we’re also ready to show you some of what will be up for bid! Check out for items in the GreatTVAuction and for the Action Auction. Each website also has information how to contact our events departments in each city to make a donation of any shape, size or value!

Posted on: 03/14/2013 • Station News

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