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Raise a Reader this Summer with Local Resources, PBS Programs


Research shows that, over the summer, children can lose as much as THREE MONTHS of what they learned in school. For many children who don’t keep reading during the summer months, this “summer learning loss” can add up across several summers, causing students to fall a year or more behind other students in the same grade - but CET and ThinkTV along with educational institutions and libraries in greater Dayton and Cincinnati can help with great programs, links to local resources and online tools!



We’ll also have PBS Kids theme weeks on air now through August 9th that focus on the importance of language – reading and writing. This week is Martha Speaks puppy week with episodes on starting a journal, decoding secret messages and more!



Do you have a favorite summer reading activity in your house? What about a favorite book or story? Tell us in the comments!


Posted on: 06/21/2013 • Education

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