Preventing Foreclosure and Restoring Stability

One of the biggest concerns on people's minds today is home foreclosure. On Tuesday, November 15, 2011, CET held a Home Foreclosure Phone-a-thon.  


During this program, host Kathy Lehr moderated a discussion between several home ownership and foreclosure specialists who gave expert advise on how homeowners could get out of foreclosure and establish manageable mortgage payments. Rick Williams explained how the Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati can help local residents with their foreclosure concerns.


Kathy Lehr spoke with Doug Garver about Ohio’s Restoring Stability Program. This program offers funding to eligible homeowners to avoid foreclosure in Ohio.


She then talked with Stephanie Reeve Wells who discussed Indiana’s Building the Bridge to Recovery Program. This program offers funding to eligible homeowners to avoid foreclosure in Indiana.


Next, co-host Ann Thompson joined Michael Clemons to learn more about how home owners can utilize the web-based application for the state programs.


Then Kathy Lehr spoke with Lisa Tarter who discussed alternatives to foreclosure if the two state programs are not available and Jan-Michelle Kearney who explained how the Short Sale alternative to foreclosures works.


To speak with a mortgage specialist,

please use the following contact information:



Phone:  1-877-7BUZZUS (1-877-728-9987)



For more information about

Restoring Stability: A Save the Dream Ohio Initiative:




Phone:  888.404.4674



For more information about the

Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network:





Phone:  877-GET-HOPE


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CET Studios