The focus of Ama-Zone! The Rainforest Project is a role-playing activity that allows the students to explore the many issues surrounding the Rainforest. It was designed by teachers to utilize information gathered by Western Reserve Public Media during a trip to the Peruvian Rainforest.

You At The Zoo

Are gorillas more likely to be right handed than left handed? Can ants really be farmers? Go on a trip with Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, to find out! In You at the Zoo, Thane and the You at the Zoo Team lead students on explorations to find out how fast cheetahs run, what it takes to be a bird, and just what happens when you tickle a sensitive plant.

Biology Classics

Understanding the amazing phenomena of life requires an intimate acquaintance with living things. This program introduces students to four organisms, Paramecium, Hydra, Planaria, and Daphnia we call the Biology Classics, “classics” because not only they are featured in science textbooks, but also because studying them broadens our concept of what it means to be alive. Detailed PDF study guides that can be printed for student use are available at the Web site listed; also included is a teacher’s section with suggestions and tips on using the program in an active learning mode.

Visualizing Cell Processes

This series of five programs will be excellent tools for teaching, learning and understanding cell biology. Using the newest DVD technology, it will aid in the mastering of concepts and vocabulary of cell biology.

Fitness Fanatic

Bring fitness into your classroom! Join Dave and local teen athletes as they share the fun of sports and exercise. Lesson plans based on Ohio Academic Content Standards in grades 5-8 are available online.

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