Ohio Rocks!

Take your students on a geological tour of Ohio. Learn how Ohio's geology and geography have been shaped by wind, weather and water over the centuries and how they still affect us today.

NASA Sci Files

NASA Sci Files is a standards-based, technology focused, close-captioned, distance learning initiative designed to integrate and enhance the teaching of math, science, geography and technology in grades 3-5. The 60-minute programs in the series use scientific inquiry, including the scientific method and science processing skills, problem-based learning, and NASA to introduce students to the excitement and exploration of real-world mathematics, science, geography an3d technology.

Big or Small: Measure it All

Big or Small: Measure It All was created with a two-fold purpose. First, the videos show students how measurement is used every day in the “real world.” Second, the package offers students “hands-on” lessons that require the use of measurement to accomplish a task. It is directed at grades 4 and 6 and is keyed to mathematics standards for those grades. The package was created by a team of teachers from school districts in our service area.

Antarctica: 90 Degrees South

This series goes so far south that it's almost north to discover the little-understood continent of Antarctica. Students will explore its biological diversity, the geology, the geography and the weather. Students also learn more about the debate concerning the necessity of balance between the desire for progress and the need for preservation of this important continent.

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