Media Moments

Students can find out what goes into making the nightly news and learn critical thinking skills in interacting with the media. Just as there are architects who draw blueprints and construction workers who create buildings, there are people who put the news together. A news program is carefully structured. All the people and things that go into the mix affect the final product. The Media Literacy component discusses what media literacy is, the key concepts, a glossary of terms, a hotlist and much more information about this important topic.

You Be the Producer

You Be The Producer is a series designed to help educators and their students learn about the process of putting together a classroom video from beginning to end. The concepts illustrated in the four programs include brainstorming an idea, writing a treatment, pitching an idea, creating a script, setting up a shoot, videotaping, editing scenes and producing a DVD.

Change My Mind

Change My Mind is based on the concept that students will be bombarded with persuasive techniques in all aspects of their life. They need to recognize when persuasive techniques are being used and, in turn, how students can use them to try and persuade others. This project is directed at the persuasive writing process. The multimedia kit is keyed to grades 8-10 language arts standards and includes a teacher guide, five videos and a Web site.

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