Ohio Proficiency Exam Aids

K.C. and the Kidd

The series is designed to help elementary teachers to prepare themselves and their students for the Fourth-Grade Proficiency Test. The goal of the programs is to help meet the objectives and provide well-guided, philosophically sound procedures to follow that will enable students to learn actively and make sound decisions.

White House 20500

After an amazing accident knocks 8th grader Alexandria and her friend Ravi off their bikes, they find themselves transported to the entrance of the White House, and Alex learns she's been made the first female President, a wish come true. But now what do they do? Neither knows anything about government. Each program contains key concepts in government and is designed to help students pass the Ninth Grade Ohio Proficiency Test in Citizenship.

Ohio Math Works

Ohio Math Works is an interactive, multimedia program for 7-9 grade students that links mathematics with careers. Video, web, and print materials bring the world of fashion, food, theme parks, sports, and meteorology into the classroom. The series correlates to the Ohio Proficiency Outcomes for 9th grade and the Ohio High School Graduation Competencies. Through hands-on projects that simulate the daily challenges in these industries, students will use mathematics in much the same way that industry professionals do to create their products.39

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