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Secrets Of Sherlock

Sherlock is a dog - a very smart dog - with big ideas that sometimes don’t work out. Your students will become “S.O.S. Trackers” to help him solve a variety of problems. Secrets of Sherlock (S.O.S.) helps teachers prepare students for Ohio’s proficiency tests in the areas of communication and skill integration. An extensive teacher guide includes explanations and student activities.

Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshops

This video workshop will show intermediate elementary teachers how to help their students transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."

Fins, Feathers & Fur

Each program demonstrates various aspects of the writing process with an intent to highlight one aspect of the process for instructional purposes. The total process is not neglected, but it is simplified to meet the diverse abilities of primary-grade children. In each program a topic is discussed and a written product is obtained.

Joel's Library Jam

Joel's Library Jam is a children's literacy initiative that introduces beginning and early readers to books and libraries through short video programs, developmentally appropriate activities and additional web resources.

The Write Site

This Language arts curriculum was developed to improve the reading and writing skills of middle school students. Students take on the role of reporters and editors as they engage in the real-life challenges of reporting news and publishing a newspaper.

Snap Shot: The Decades

Using historical footage and narration, this series focuses on the social, economic, political and scientific events of each decade - from the 1920s to the 1960s. Teachers can use either the simulation section for an overall approach to the decades or they can use the lesson plans that address each topic in the standards individually. The videos are an overview of each decade, with an emphasis on the topics listed in the educational standards.

Searching For Slave History: A Digital Storytelling Project

Interpreting stories and imagining the past are important aspects of historical thinking. Searching for Slave History: A Digital Storytelling Project will engage students in the study of early African American history and slavery in this country through the art of storytelling. Students will also conduct research just like historians, analyzing primary source documents and audio recordings while mastering the technology required to create multimedia projects.


QuizBus: Dealing with Data will help students in Grades 4-8 have practice with collecting data, presenting it in an understandable fashion, analyzing the data through graphing, identifying ways data can be distorted and looking at both arithmetic and geometric probability (area models). This multimedia package contains five videos, a teacher guide and a Web site,


OhioTrek : A Focus on Literacy is a strategic model designed to prepare third and fourth grade students to meet Ohio’s Fourth Grade Guarantee. OhioTrek focuses intently on the improvement of literacy skills –  specifically reading and writing – through the context of social studies topics.

Ohio Reading Road Trip

Ohio Reading Road Trip is an interactive curriculum package that brings many of Ohio's greatest authors to life for language arts students in grades 6-8. Students read and learn about contemporary and historically significant literary figures through multimedia resources.


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