Visualizing Cell Processes

This series of five programs will be excellent tools for teaching, learning and understanding cell biology. Using the newest DVD technology, it will aid in the mastering of concepts and vocabulary of cell biology.

Science Safari

Students go behind the scenes at the National Zoo for a look at the world of animals.  Not your typical visit to the zoo, this four-part series shows students where and how animals live and why it’s important to protect them. Through the animal world, students learn more about our own ecosystem.

Ohio Rocks!

Take your students on a geological tour of Ohio. Learn how Ohio's geology and geography have been shaped by wind, weather and water over the centuries and how they still affect us today.

NASA Sci Files

NASA Sci Files is a standards-based, technology focused, close-captioned, distance learning initiative designed to integrate and enhance the teaching of math, science, geography and technology in grades 3-5. The 60-minute programs in the series use scientific inquiry, including the scientific method and science processing skills, problem-based learning, and NASA to introduce students to the excitement and exploration of real-world mathematics, science, geography an3d technology.

NASA Kids Science News Network

NASA's KSNN builds upon children's natural curiosity to introduce students in grades K-2 and 3-5 to the world of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and NASA. Each one-minute segment focuses on a different question and can be used as a springboard for classroom activities.

NASA Destination Tomorrow

A series of educational programs that focus on NASA research - past, present and future. Produced in a magazine-style format, the overall goal of the series is to increase scientific literacy.

NASA Connect

Link your students to examples of how mathematics and science are used everyday by NASA aeronautical engineers and scientists. Programs feature a live call-in students segment. Each program includes a lesson, a classroom experiment, and a web-based online interactive component which support national math and science standards.

Math and Science Gumbo

Math and Science Gumbo takes the unique approach of using food and cooking to teach many principles in math and science. The series will focus on math concepts like unit pricing, fractions, estimation, units of measurement and area. On the science side, the series looks at the concepts of physical and chemical change, preservation, refrigeration, enzymes, microorganisms and gas laws. This series is tied to Ohio's Academic Content Standards.

It's a Gas! Math & Science of the Blimp

Helping students learn math and science is the goal of this new multimedia project. The workings of the blimp will provide the framework for teachers to facilitate the application of concepts needed to prepare for Ohio's proficiency test. The video series follows two high school students, Rob and Lindsey, trying to win college scholarships. The two team up and decide to create a documentary about how blimps are made and how they work. Each video is a lesson starter that leads to hands-on CD-ROM, DVD and Web site activities.

Inventing Flight

Inventing Flight is a multimedia program for 7th-9th grade students that looks at the science and history behind the Wright Brothers' invention of powered flight.


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