Social Studies

Real George Washington

An exciting program featuring a sneak preview of the many treasures in the galleries of the new Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center and the Ford Orientation Center at the George Washington’s Mount
Vernon Estate & Gardens. This state-of-the-art exhibition space reveals the complex and multifaceted man that was the real George Washington.

Producing Ohio

Producing Ohio is a multimedia economics curriculum for Ohio's fifth and sixth grade students. The cross-curricular lessons help teachers provide their students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed on the Ohio Proficiency Tests.

One State Many Nations

This multimedia project studies the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Native American nations that have populated Ohio since prehistoric times. Using print and web resources that support the series, students will meet the nations and their leaders through a fun and interactive collection of exercises.


Newsdepth is a weekly newscast which follows the format of the commercial news programs, made appropriate and interesting for intermediate and junior high level students. Produced by WVIZ, Cleveland, Ohio for use throughout the state.

Freedom Is Not Free

This program highlights the Ohio Veterans Plaza on the Ohio State House grounds in Columbus. It pays tribute to all veterans.

Ethics in a Global Society

For high school students, discussions about ethics would typically center on issues like cheating on a test or plagiarism, but, in this four-part series (15 minutes each), the discussion focuses on how ethics affect careers and the workplace. Filmed in a high school government class, students discuss ethical behavior in the arenas of business, government, and science as a way to foster deeper thinking about the ethical dimensions of their life and our society.

Colonial Williamsburg

Twenty-first century technology brings history alive in your classroom. Each Electronic Field Trip includes a vibrant historical account presented via live broadcast, and interactive session with Colonial Williamsburg experts and a variety of online activities.

Antarctica: 90 Degrees South

This series goes so far south that it's almost north to discover the little-understood continent of Antarctica. Students will explore its biological diversity, the geology, the geography and the weather. Students also learn more about the debate concerning the necessity of balance between the desire for progress and the need for preservation of this important continent.

America's Veterans

The video and teacher's guide explore several critical dimensions of the question, "What does Veteran's Day mean to you?" These dimensions include: who are veterans, how and why we honor them, what can we learn from the lives of veterans, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The purpose of the materials is to increase student's understanding of the role of veterans in society.


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