We are very excited to tell you about our club and some exciting resources for you which will enable you to spend some quality fun, educational time with your children, grandchildren or other children in your care.

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Joining the club online using our secure server is as easy as 1-2-3, but if would rather sign-up by phone, please call (513) 345-6508, and let our staff member know that you are calling for a CET Kids Club Membership.


CET Wishes a Happy Birthday to these Kids Club Members during the months of May, June, July and August!

Happy Birthday from KC!
David E. May 3
Michael E. May 3
Cecilia P. May 4
Ben K. May 6
Jaffa O. May 6
Caty L. May 9
Leah E. May 9
Julia R. May 13
Eric F. May 15
Ruben G. May 16
Selah M. May 25
Natalie B. May 26
Marie C. May 29
Kendall R. May 30
Sarah P. June 1
Dylan R. June 7
Charlotte G. June 10
Jorie O. June 13
Abigail W. June 13
Sara C. June 14
Gaven G. June 15
Mae F. June 18
Jesse F. June 21
Joel C. June 23
Stella W.

June 25

John C. June 25
Jaylen C. June 25
Koya S. July 2
Gretchen S. July 7
Finian C. July 7
Grace J. July 8
Abigail C. July 10
Elena P.

July 12

Liam L. July 13
Addison C. July 14
Sam D. July 14
James K. July 15
Julien F. July 16
Ali D. July 17
Rebecca G. July 17
Jack G. July 20
Max F. July 21
Paige B. July 24
Caleb E. July 27
Rhiannon W. July 29
Nathaniel S. July 30
Riley R. Aug 3
Eva J. Aug 10
Grace S. Aug 12
Hayden G. Aug 14
Ethan A. Aug 14
Dominic F. Aug. 20
Nico G. Aug 21
Christopher K. Aug 29
Riley H. Aug 30


Hey Kids Club Members!

Lebanon Mason Monroe RailroadGet your Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad Family Pass!


Valid for one round trip train ride for 2 adults & 1 child.


Call Carol Derkson @ 513-345-6508 or email cderkson@cetconnect.org for more information.