CET’s "Ault Park: Emerald in the Crown" wins Emmy


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CET’s Ault Park: Emerald in the Crown wins Emmy


Cincinnati – Ault Park: Emerald in the Crown was awarded the regional Emmy for historical documentary at the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awards ceremony Saturday, July 28.


Ault Park: Emerald in the Crown is a half-hour CET program about the history of Cincinnati’s Ault Park, which was donated to Cincinnati by Levia Addision Ault. Ault led the first Board of Park Commissioners and developed a plan for a city-wide park system. This special park is marked by grand architecture, an iconic pavilion, public art, breathtaking landscapes and a plethora of community events.


CET would like to congratulate the Ault Park: Emerald in the Crown production team Julie Davis, Jason Wilson, Richard Nordstrom, Nicholas Baute, Matt Schwartz, Mike Schwartz and Paul Verhagen.


"We all know that telling the stories for and about our communities is at the core of our mission. However, being able to do so with the level of creativity and talent that our team exhibits is something that we can all celebrate and be proud to be part of," said Kitty Lensman, Chief Information Officer of Public Media Connect – CET & ThinkTV.


Ault Park: Emerald in the Crown is the second half of a two-part documentary about Cincinnati’s Parks produced by CET. This documentary was produced with the generous support of The Helen G., Henry F., & Louise Dornette Foundation, Fifth Third Bank Trustee; August A. Rendigs, Jr. Foundation; and the Rudolph and Marie Simich Family Foundation. For more information, visit www.CETconnect.org/cincinnati-parks.