CET To Host Foreclosure Prevention Phone-A-Thon, Focus Program To Help Local Families In Foreclosure

CINCINNATI – Homeowners who fear they may lose their homes to foreclosure may have additional options, thanks to a Foreclosure Prevention Phone-a-thon that will be held October 5 & 6 at the CET Studios.

Homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure or who fear they may have trouble making their mortgage payments are encourage to call the phone-a-thon, which takes place Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The phone-a-thon is the fourth of its kind in Cincinnati.

Homeowners should call 1-877-7BUZZ-US to be connected with home ownership and mortgage specialists. Homeowners can also access more information about saving their home by logging on to www.buzzusnow.com.

For those homeowners who already find themselves in the foreclosure process, CET will broadcast a live, half-hour program that provides advice pertinent to their situations. CET Focushost Kathy Lehr will moderate a discussion between several home ownership and foreclosure specialists, as well as, experienced lenders and lawyers who will give expert advise on how homeowners can get out of foreclosure and establish manageable mortgage payments. Topics discussed include: short sale, deed in lieu and loan modification/forbearance. 

Guests scheduled to appear on the program include: Rick Williams, President and CEO, The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati; Stephanie Pierce, Ohio’s “Save the Dream” Program; Lisa Tarter, Fannie Mae; Stephanie Moes, Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati; Tiffani Ray, AVP Default Servicing, U.S. Bank; Randy Walton, Walton Realtors.

The program will be available for streaming on www.CETconnect.org after broadcast.

For more information on community partners or the phone-a-thon, visit www.buzzusnow.com. 

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