CET Presents Special Programming To Meet Fundraising Goal

CINCINNATI – CET will wrap up its March Membership campaign by presenting special programs on Saturday, March 21, in an effort to meet its goal of $306,939.


The event starts at 9 a.m. and includes blocks of programs that highlight the best of CET’s how-to, education and local history programs, as well as popular PBS programs such as Antiques Roadshow and The Lawrence Welk Show.


Throughout the day, CET will check in live with staff members, volunteers and special guests at the studio to raise awareness of CET's important role in the Greater Cincinnati area. Community members, educators, parents and dignitaries are invited to come share stories of how they use and value CET's programs and services.


"CET is not simply Cincinnati's public television station," said Jack Dominic, CET Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "CET is able to provide one-of-a-kind local documentaries and programming, curriculum kits and other resources for educators and students and on-demand local video on CETconnect.org. During this event, we want to inform viewers of the range of services we provide and why this organization makes a difference in this community."


To close the event, CET will air the 1952 film, Pat & Mike, at 9:30 p.m. CET has aired classic movies on Saturday nights since fall 2008.


A large portion of CET's operating revenue comes from its spring fundraising efforts such as the March Membership Drive, the annual Action Auction, and the "Live! on CET" gala. As a result of the economy, CET has seen a downturn in revenue in these respective areas.

CET is Greater Cincinnati's leading provider of education and enrichment in both living rooms and classrooms, reaching more than 2 million residents, 470,000 students and 37,000 teachers. Through PBS and local programming, CETconnect.org, innovative multimedia curriculum projects, parent workshops and professional development for teachers, CET positively impacts our community with rich and diverse resources. CET was the first licensed educational television station in the nation, the first high-definition public station in Ohio, and, through CETconnect.org, the first public television station to offer a community-based public media on-demand service. Visit the CETconnect website for more information about CET.

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