Time Warner Cable to Cut Public Television Channels in Cincinnati and Dayton

Cincinnati- On July 23, Time Warner Cable informed southwestern Ohio’s public television stations, CET and ThinkTV16 & 14 and, that the Cincinnati and Dayton cable systems would make significant programming changes on August 25. Time Warner did not contact CET/ThinkTVprior to their decision.


The changes include significantly cutting the number of public television channels available to Time Warner customers.


CET/ThinkTVrequested a meeting with Time Warner Cable which occurred on July 30. The stations proposed a channel line-up for public television that, while reducing the number of channels, would assure:

1. That all Time Warner customers, including those with basic cable service, continue to receive the local PBS stations that they have watched for decades.

2. That customers who purchase Time Warner's digital programming services continue to receive public television’s variety of DTV channels.


In short, the stations proposed that Time Warner provide its southwestern Ohio customers their local, Ohio-based public television stations.


Time Warner has not responded to the CET/ThinkTVproposal.


Local broadcast stations, including public television, offer some of the most watched programming on cable. Public television is the most widely-used non-profit service throughout the region. Based on an extensive study done last year at Time Warner's request, CET and ThinkTVdo not offer duplicated programming services. In fact, CET and ThinkTVare on the Time Warner systems today because they offer more viewing choices. The stations meet the non-duplication rules established by cable providers, despite sharing some PBS series.


Public television stations do not receive any compensation from cable companies for the programming service provided to cable customers. CET/ThinkTVdid not request any changes on the Time Warner systems when CET and ThinkTVrecently formed a partnership to provide regional programming and educational service.


The stations would like to work with Time Warner to assure consistent public television service across the region – and reduce viewer and Time Warner customer confusion about the changes being made so quickly.


CET/ThinkTVwill continue to inform their viewers, members and communities of the impact of changes proposed by Time Warner Cable as information becomes available, including on-line at www.CETconnect.org and .


Time Warner customers can contact their cable provider by phone, email or mail:
- Customer Service in Cincinnati: 513-469-1112 or 1-800-677-9767
- Customer Service in Dayton: 937-294-6400 or 1-800-425-2225
- Mail Address: 11252 Cornell Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-1886


For more information, contact:

Sue Brinson Communications, Dayton 937-220-1657 email: sbrinson@thinktv.org

Rachel Kellerman Communications, Cincinnati 513-381-4033 email: rkellerman@CETconnect.org


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