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Here's what's coming up on CET, CET Arts and PBS:

NOVA: Vaccines – Calling the Shots
Wed., Sept. 10, at 9pm on CET

Diseases that were largely eradicated in the United States a generation ago are returning, in part, because nervous parents are skipping their children’s shots.

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History
Sept. 14 – 20, Nightly at 8pm, encores at 10pm on CET

Ken Burns’s seven-part documentary weaves the stories of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, three members of one of the most prominent and influential families in American politics.

Great Performances: Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2014
Fri., Aug. 22, at 9pm on CET
Sun., Aug. 24, at 8:30pm on CET Arts

The Vienna Philharmonic performs in the magnificent gardens of Austria’s Imperial Schonbrunn Palace.

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