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Viewfinder - John Gunselman, Cinematographer

Award-winning cinematographer John Gunselman talks about his life and career in film-making with Zo Wesson.

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Nick Clooney and interviewer John Kiesewetter talk indepth about Nick's career.


In this final segment of the series ''Clooney on Clooney'', Nick and John discuss Nick's work after his long tenure in television news.


Nick relates stories about his family and their careers.


John Kiesewetter's interview series with Nick Clooney continues with an in-depth discussion of Nick's television news career.


Barbara Kellar talks with Maureen Kennedy, the Artistic Director from the Irish American Theater Company, about their upcoming performances as well as the new Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati.


Get to know the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's Assistant Conductor, Ken Lam.


CET travels to Augusta, KY, to explore the Rosemary Clooney House Museum, which now also features personal items and family photos from the entire Clooney family.


Barbara Kellar talks with Frederic Franklin, CBE, the world-renowned choreographer and ballet dancer.


Barbara Kellar talks with Lorna Luft, star of Irving Berlin's White Christmas - The Musical.


Barbara Kellar talks with Raphaela Platow, the Alice and Harris Weston Director and Chief Curator of the Contemporary Arts Center, about the CAC, its exhibits and what it takes to operate such an impressive arts institution.