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Viewfinder - John Gunselman, Cinematographer

Award-winning cinematographer John Gunselman talks about his life and career in film-making with Zo Wesson.

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Barbara Kellar talks with Lee Roy Reams who is a musical theater actor, choreographer, and director.

Katie Reider

Katie Reider was a Cincinnati born and raised singer/songwriter whose life and career were cut short by a non-cancerous tumor that took away her ability to speak and perform.


Barbara Kellar talks with Ed Stern, Producing Artistic Director at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

Antoine Lopez on CET Express

Barbara Kellar talks with Antoine Lopez, son of Jesus Lopez-Cobos and Alicia Ferrer.


Barbara Kellar talks with Nancy Rolfert, President of the Montgomery Woman's Club.


Barbara Kellar talks with well known Cincinnati author, Stephen Birmingham.


Trey Devey, the new President of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, is Barbara's guest. He talks about his background, where his career has taken him, and his plans for the CSO.


Barbara Kellar talks with Tony Award winning Broadway Producer Rick Steiner.

David Lyman

Barbara Kellar talks with David Lyman, Arts Critic for the Cincinnati Enquirer and freelance arts writer.

Melissa Godoy

Barbara Kellar talks with local independent film maker Melissa Godoy.