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SCPA Celebration 40

The School for Creative and Performing Arts celebrates 40 years.

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Speak Up! For the Arts demonstrates why the arts are important for every child's education. Teachers, parents, administrators and artists share their thoughts on the impact of arts education and how to become an arts advocate.Visit the Speak Up! For the Arts website to find out how you can become an arts advocate.


Barbara Kellar talks with Harry Wilks, founder of the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum.

Great Living Cincinnatian Joe Hayden

Joseph P. Hayden Jr., chairman and CEO of The Midland Company, started his career there when he was 14.


Charles H. Parsons, a well-known opera scholar, critic, and author, talks with Barbara Kellar about his new book, A Celebration of Cincinnati Opera.

Aaron Betsky on CET Express

Barbara Kellar interviews Aaron Betsky, Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Mighty Wurlizter

Organ expert Ron Wehmeier explained how he reconstructed the Albee Wurlitzer Theatre Organ in his shop in Price Hill.


Barbara Kellar talks with Linda Fath & Sherie Marek about the Cincinnati Antiques Festival.


Barbara Kellar talks with Pam Reising and Joan Crowe about the May Festival's annual fundraiser, Nightmare on Elm Street.


Barbara Kellar talks with Sara Vance and Michelle Waddell, the 2007 honorees at the Learning through Art benefit.


Barbara Kellar talks with Caitlin Wood and Richard Diehl, about the Ensemble Theatre's annual fundraiser, Tony Awards Live Broadcast Party.