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Cincinnati's Award-Winning Photographers

Award-winning photographers Robert Flischel, Ainsley Kellar and Melvin Grier discuss their careers and portfolios.

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Barbara Kellar talks with ArtWorks’ founding director Tamara Harkavy.


Check out the Cincinnati Art Museum's Circus Poster Exhibition!


Barbara Kellar talks with Elizabeth Pierce about the new ''Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt'' exhibit.


Jack Dominic talks with Jim Brickman about his special Valentine's Day concert at Cincinnati's Aronoff Center on Monday, February 14, 2011.


Barbara Kellar talks with Paul Frankenfeld and Eugene Frey about their involvement with the Cincinnati Musicians Association – Local No. 1 American Federation of Musicians.


Filmmaking is a profession where if you're not constantly learning—you're falling behind.


Barbara Kellar talks with the lively Regina Russo, the new Director of Marketing and Communications for the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Ava and Ainsley Kellar

Barbara Kellar talks with Ava and Ainsley Kellar about their experiences with the Cincinnati Ballet's Nutcracker.


Barbara Kellar talks with tenor Marco Panuccio about ''O Holy Night.''


Zo Wesson talks with Christian Appleby, who teaches people with cognitive and developmental disability's in the program Film Outside Of The Lines.