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Water trickles from an underground spring at the mouth of Old Mans Cave in Hocking Hills State Park.

Lake Erie

Sea birds watch as waves from Lake Erie crash upon the beach washing smooth stones back-and-forth.


A little boy and dog play at the mouth of Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park giving perspective to its immense scale.


Well-defined fossils site in contrast to the brightly colored rocks and soil at Trammel Fossil Park.


What does Geology have to do with me? You are surrounded by Ohio geology and use the resources it provides every day. From the coal-fired electricity to the clay in your toothpaste, Ohio geology touches your life in may ways.


A scenic and panoramic view of Brandywine Falls, with natural sounds.


Scenic Views of water falls and vegetation at Clifton State Nature Preserve.


Views of the cliffs, canyons and rock formations that adorn Copperas Mountain.


Rustic paths,wooden bridges and scenic vistas characterize the experience of Fox Rock at Rowe Woods.


Water flows back and forth, over water-worn rocks,through a small stream at Halls Creek Woods State Park.