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How successful are humans compared to other species?

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Water falls from cedar falls into a large pond at Hocking Hills State park.

Rockbridge State Preserve

Dense tree grown hides the flowing streams that send water over massive rock formations at Rockbridge State Preserve.

Serpent Mound State Park

Green grass accentuates the Native American mound, which is shaped like a snake with an egg in its mouth.

Seip Mound State Memorial Park

Freshly cut green grass accentuates the Native American mound.

Sharon Woods State Park

Water falls over the edge of a miniature waterfall creating slight river rapids at Sharon Woods State Park.


Geologists, Paleontologists, and Archaeologists describe how they became interested in science, what they do, and why they like their jobs.


What are core samples? How are they used to study geology? Why do geologists use them? How many core samples does Ohio Geological Survey keep in their repository.