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Focus - American Graduate: Community Learning Centers

Kathy Lehr learns more about one local approach that has school systems from around the nation looking to Cincinnati as a model for improving student achievement and success beyond high school.

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Creative Thinking Tutorial

Introduction to the Creative Thinking multimedia project.

Fair Use Guidelines for Educators

An overview of Fair Use Guidelines for educators.

Xavier's George Gordon on Resumes

George Gordon offers examples of a strong resume and a weak resume, in addition to words or ''action verbs'' you should use and other helpful resume advice.


What you can do to help stem the rising tide of high school dropouts.

STEM Schools for Ohio Students

Three educators discuss how STEM is benefiting Cincinnati's students and how teachers are being groomed to provide a more specialized education for their students.


George Gordon, visiting professor in Xavier University's MBA program of the Williams College of Business, is back to discuss job searching in depth, especially as it relates to the current economic downturn.

Preparing for Pandemic Flu in Schools

A pandemic flu outbreak could happen in Cincinnati. Is your classroom ready?


What do you do when a child has a respiratory illness?


What do you do when a child has scabies?


What do you do when a child has a respiratory illness?