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SCPA Celebration 40

The School for Creative and Performing Arts celebrates 40 years.

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How do you effectively carry out your school's incident response plan?


What are the critical tasks in an effective school response plan?


George Gordon, a clinical professor in Xavier's MBA program of the Williams College of Business and a consultant in workforce development and human resource management, discusses his experiences ''swinging the axe.'' He gives his insight on how companies handle layoffs, how to keep your job, and the best way to advocate for yourself if you're suddenly let go and must search for a new career.


Be involved in emergency preparedness.


Southwest Ohio's early warning plans are shared. This video is presented as part of REMS - Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools.


''Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!''


Learn how to prepare a kit and make a plan for a potential disaster situation.


Be Red Cross Ready for earthquakes!


Be Red Cross Ready for flooding!


Be Red Cross Ready for fires!