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Showcase with Barbara Kellar #304: From the Village to Vogue: The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith Exhibit at Cincinnati Art Museum

Cynthia Amneus (Curator of Fashion Arts and Textiles) discusses the Cincinnati Art Museum’s newest exhibit: From the Village to Vogue: The Modernist Jewelry of Art Smith.

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Beverly Erschell

Barbara Kellar talks with Beverly Erschell, a well-recognized and exceptionally talented painter.


Barbara Kellar talks with South African artist Claire-Erica about her artwork and her work with charitable organizations, as well as her wildlife conservation efforts.


A pioneer of new media art, Shilpa Gupta had her first solo museum exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center.


Betsy Kruthoffer, curator the Catesby exhibit at the Lloyd Library, tells about the work of little known nature artist Mark Catesby.

Aaron Betsky on CET Express

Barbara Kellar interviews Aaron Betsky, Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

David Day

Artist David Day, shares stories about his life and career, living in Cincinnati.

Karen Heyl

Artist and Sculptor, Karen Heyl shares stories from her life and career.