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The Fashion Styles of Downton Abbey

Cynthia Amnéus, Curator of Fashion Arts & Textiles at the Cincinnati Art Museum, joins Barbara Kellar to discuss the historical accuracy of the period fashions in Downton Abbey.

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Battery Hooper

Learn about the what archaeology can teach us about a local Civil War site from Jeannine Kreinbrink, Archaeology Manager at Battery Hooper.


Dr. Gary Zola, Director of the American Jewish Archives, describes Lincoln's special relationship with American Jews.


As early as 1964, the design and concept of a groundbreaking amusement park was growing in the mind of an ambitious young man by the name of Gary Wachs.


Dennis Speigel and Gary Wachs speak of the festivities in the almost extinct Oktoberfest section of the park, while Walter and Nancy Duff reminisce about the rides of Oktoberfest.


In this segment of Riding History to the Limits we look at Coney Mall, the newly-developed reproduction of Coney Island built at Kings Island.


In this segment of Riding History to the Limits we take a look back at the most popular and expensive ride at Kings Island.


What spawned the idea of this historic section of the park?


In the last segment of Riding History to the Limits we discuss the wild Animal Safari, Timberwolf, and the first launch coaster - the Screamin' Demon.


Gary Wachs and Dennis Speigel discuss the overall design of the park and the purchase of a cornfield in rural Warren County.


In this segment of Riding History to the Limits we explore the birth of International Street at Kings Island.