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Algae is the Answer!

Sukh Sidhu talks about the power of algae.

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Scenic Views of water falls and vegetation at Clifton State Nature Preserve.


Views of the cliffs, canyons and rock formations that adorn Copperas Mountain.


Rustic paths,wooden bridges and scenic vistas characterize the experience of Fox Rock at Rowe Woods.


Water flows back and forth, over water-worn rocks,through a small stream at Halls Creek Woods State Park.


Water falls from cedar falls into a large pond at Hocking Hills State park.

 Hach Otis State Preserve

Distant cliffs and green forests provide contrast to the rushing river and cracking canyon walls of Hach Otis State Preserve.

Ohio Caverns

Stalactites and Stalagmites abound dripping mineral rich water through out the dark caves at Ohio Caverns.

Ohio Rocks! Geology

Take your class on a tour of Ohio's geology. Learn how Ohio's geology formed and why it is unique.

North Shore Alvar

Lake Erie crashes against the rocky shore as primitive daisies cling to the moss-covered cliffs above.

Glacial Grooves State Memorial Park

Parallel lines carved from glaciers and water flows adorn the floor and walls of Glacial Grooves State Memorial Park.