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FOCUS - "Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana" Exhibit at Cincinnati Museum Center

For the first time in the United States, the Cincinnati Museum Center brings to life some of the largest and most unusual dinosaurs ever to have lived.

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Little Miami - Wild River Ecology

Home to over 84 species of fish and 100's of other species the Little Miami is a local treasure protected by several agencies.

Careers in Math:  Allgeier

Automotive engineer Vince Allgeier explains how math is used in software programs to design durable car parts.

Careers in Math:  Smiley

Construction supply salesman Steve Smiley explains how he uses math everyday to figure out how much drywall a new building will need.

Careers in Math:  Knight

Architect Bob Knight explains the many ways he uses math when designing buildings.

The Little Miami

The Little Miami River offers many opportunites to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as to enjoy activities such a paddling and fishing.

Living Among the Orangutans

What is it like to live among orangutans?

Cincinnati Zoo Visitors Village

Visit Historic Vine Street Village, the new LEED Platinum certified entrance to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.


Dean Regas, Outreach Astronomer at the Cincinnati Observatory, talks with 91.7WVXU's Ann Thompson about the International Year of Astronomy.


John Kiesewetter, TV Media Writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer interviews Carrie Vonderhaar, Chief Photographer for Jean-Michel Cousteau's, Ocean Futures Society.


Cody and Arnold Hildebrand of Wild Brother Behavioral Research are individuals who've researched and worked with skunks for over 30 years, calling them "the most misunderstood animal."