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FOCUS - "YMCA of Greater Cincinnati 2012"

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is much more than a place to swim, work out, sign up for team sports and group exercise classes, it is also a proven place where children are enriching their lives intellectually.

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Barbara Kellar talk with 84-year-old Cincinnati native, Reuven J. Katz.


Barbara Kellar talks with Formula Car Racer John Edwards about how he got started racing, the exciting career he has had and how he keeps up with school.


Joe discusses his days growing up in Hamilton, OH and the strong influence of his father and family


Joe remembers his experiences and others in throwing "the wet one," the breaking of the color barrier and the struggles of Jackie Robinson.


Joe talks about his early days in the minors and what's needed to be a contributing member of a team.


Joe talks with Denny Janson about the Big Red Maching and the players who made it run.

Al Spector on CET Express

Barbara Kellar talks with Al Spector about his new book, Baseball: Never Too Old To Play The Game.

Kerry Coombs

Associate Head Football Coach at the University of Cincinnati, Kerry Coombs shares stories from his life and career.

Steve Specht

Head Football Coach at St. Xavier High School, Steve Specht shares stories from his life and career.

Dennis Speigel

Dennis Speigel, President of International Theme Park Services, talks about moments in his life and career in the theme park industry.