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The Fashion Styles of Downton Abbey

Cynthia Amnéus, Curator of Fashion Arts & Textiles at the Cincinnati Art Museum, joins Barbara Kellar to discuss the historical accuracy of the period fashions in Downton Abbey.

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World War II Freedom Wall

Meet some of the brave Cincinnati-area men who fought for our freedom during the conflict and its many battles, some talking about their war experiences for the very first time.

John Dolibois

John Dolibois shares his experiences as a WWII Veteran.


World War II veteran, Fred Kellerman talks about his experiences during the war with fellow vet, Ted Gardner.

Manuel Quezon III

Manuel Quezon III's grandfather served as the first President of the Philippines from 1935-1944. Manuel recounts when The Frieders, a Cincinnati Jewish family with a cigar factory in Manila, approached his grandfather with a request to rescue Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany.

US Soldier in the Korean War

This summer marked the 60th anniversary of the Korean armistice which was signed on July 27, 1953. Find out more about this war that is widely referred to as the "Forgotten War."