Astronaut and Teacher Steve Heck

Due to recent advancements in technology, it seems that space travel is no longer solely reliant on NASA. In 2004, SpaceShip One became the first privately built and financed vehicle to carry a human into space. With the current success of the commercial spaceflight industry, Teachers in Space - not to be confused with NASA's Educator Astronaut program - was reconstituted.

In July 2009, Stephen Heck, an 8th grade Earth Science teacher at Milford Jr. High School in Cincinnati, was selected to be one of the first seven teachers in space. Over this past summer, the Pathfinder 7, as they are named, were trained to fly on suborbital spacecraft.

Soon, they will be the first astronaut teachers to fly in space and return to the classroom to share their experiences with their students.

For additional information, visit the ''Teachers in Space'' program website.

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