FOCUS - Cyber Crime Prevention

On this episode of Focus, Kathy Lehr talks with Officer Tom Wagner, a Crime Prevention Specialist for the Montgomery Police Department and co-author of ''Caught in The Web: Don't Let It Happen To You!'' This internet and cyber crime program is geared towards teens, parents and teachers and serves to educate them to dangerous online behaviors and how to avoid putting themselves at risk of victimization.

During the program they discuss the impact of social networking websites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and the effect they have on increasing a person's risk for being victimized. They also address how people put themselves at risk, regardless of outside influences. University admissions and scholarship panels, prospective employers and government agencies use web searches while doing background checks and some of the things they find are alarming to say the least. Officer Wagner will also talk about cyber bullying, ''sexting'' and teen identity theft for abusive purposes.

For more local information about Cyber & Internet Crime Prevention, email Officer Wagner at or call 513.985.1600. Get information on cyber bullying on the NetSmartz website and check out the FBI's Internet Guide for Parents. Parents can also find information on how to deal with cyber bullying, cyber stalking and similar forms of online harassment on the Wired Safety website.

30 minutes
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