FOCUS - The Economic Vitality of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Agenda 360 in Greater Cincinnati and Vision 2015 in Northern Kentucky – two organizations charged with charting long-term growth strategies for the region – recently commissioned a Regional Indicators Report to chart our community’s local economy and its quality of life.


Since the last Regional Indicators Report that was published two years ago, the region ranked higher in six areas, including unemployment, average annual wages and educational attainment. Three areas were unchanged: Total jobs, net migration and older population and six areas, including poverty, venture capital and cost of living, declined in the rankings.


Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky fare better for income and jobs than it did in 2010, but the region still lags behind competing cities in overall economic strength. The region ranks Number 10 out of 12 metro areas for overall economic prosperity, surpassing only Cleveland and Louisville.


The next Regional Indicators Report will be updated in two years.


On this episode of Focus, Kathy Lehr learns about the barriers that may be preventing the Greater Cincinnati region from growing economically and what these two organizations are doing to help create a better future for our community.


(Source: Agenda 360 press release)


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