FOCUS - Elementz Hip Hop Youth Arts Center

Elementz Hip Hop Youth Arts Center provides a safe and nurturing place where young people, ages 14-24, can have a positive outlet for their creative expression. The Cincinnati-based arts center serves young people who either reside or are able to visit the Over-the-Rhine and West End area.

Catering to those young people who are influenced by and attracted to the Hip Hop Culture, Elementz offers courses such as DJ-ing, emceeing/rapping, break dancing, and graffiti art. The staff believes that by providing access to the proper technical equipment and resources, as well as, receiving expert instruction, that the students will grow and learn in positive ways.

To that end, Elementz's studio is equipped with the latest in production and recording tools. Along with their high-end recording and production equipment, they also have in-house producer/engineers that can assist and train participants in making music.

In the Hip Hop Dance classes, young people learn everything from the basics to advanced choreographed routines. They also have opportunities to improvise and create their own dance steps. When they are ready, the youth often perform for different audiences, in competitions, and are taught and encouraged to incorporate a wide variety of styles and techniques.

The graffiti art class teaches the basics of letter design, wild style, characters, backgrounds, and color schemes. The class also hopes to educate the public about graffiti. The graffiti artists believe it is not just an act of vandalism or defamation, but rather it is a provocative form of self-expression.

Regardless of skill level, those young people who are eager to learn DJ-ing will be instructed on everything from how to operate and maintain professional DJ equipment to tricks likes beat mixing, scratching, and beat juggling.


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