FOCUS - Rubber Duck Regatta 2013

For the past nineteen years, the FreeStore Foodbank has employed the Rubber Duck Regatta as a means to help generate financial support for children and families in need.


During their fundraising campaign, FreeStore Foodbank encourages donors to “Buy a Duck” to help feed hungry families in our community. On Sunday, September 1at 3 p.m., during Riverfest and right before the Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks, the Freestore Foodbank will drop as many as 175,000 little yellow rubber duckies from the Purple People Bridge into the Ohio River for this spirited race. Each Rubber Duck has a tracking number which allows event organizers to offer prizes to the owners of the winning ducks.


During this episode of FOCUS, we will learn the breadth of services the Freestore Foodbank provides our community and how the donations obtained from this event help to support their efforts year-round.  


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