Foreclosure Frauds

For many people, finding help from legitimate and trusted mortgage specialists can be a daunting task. Each day there are dozens of advertisements offering quick, inexpensive and painless relief for their mortgage problems. But buyer beware! Some of these agencies are scam artists who are capitalizing on the stress and financial problems to trick people and take their money. The scam artists could even persuade you into signing over the deed to your property and never make the promised payments for you, leaving you deeper in debt and without a home. Some agencies charge a fee just to tell you where to find help -- even though they refer you to mortgage services that are free. Unfortunately, this practice is not illegal; it's merely unethical.

For homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure, legitimate help is available from trusted, free resources. Media outlets CET and 91.7 WVXU have partnered with several of Greater Cincinnati's trusted community resources to produce a series of programs that will provide information to residents about home foreclosure.

On this episode of FOCUS, Kathy Lehr talks with two experts who will explain where home owners can find legitimate help and what they can do to avoid being the victim of fraudulent foreclosure specialists.

To find out more about foreclosure prevention and other community resources, visit the Facing the Mortgage Crisis website or call United Way's 2-1-1 service and ask for mortgage help.

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