Showcase with Barbara Kellar: The Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati / The Irish American Theater Company

The Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati was founded to promote the Irish Culture through the study of customs, dance, education, film, genealogy, history, language, lectures, literature, music, mythology, poetry, social interaction, song, sport, theater and the visual arts.


On this episode of SHOWCASE WITH BARBARA KELLAR, we talk with Maureen Kennedy about the center’s upcoming performances and the events they have planned for Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17.


During our program, Irish dancers: Molly Petre, Clare Lister, Anna Erickson, and Thomas McDermott will perform under the direction of their teacher, Allison Erickson from the Erickson Academy of Irish Dance.


We will also enjoy hearing a traditional Irish song performed by Silver Arm with the Riley School of Irish Music.  Band members include: Cynthia Matyi, Justin Bonar-Bridges, Justine Cefalu and Jack Bogard.


Finally, we will be treated to an Irish-themed skit performed by Kent Covey and Mick McEvilley of the award-winning Irish American Theater Company.



INFO: The Irish Heritage Center of Greater Cincinnati

PHONE:  513.533.0100



INFO: The Erickson Academy of Irish Dance

PHONE: 513.232.1366





PHONE: 513.871.4527




MUSICIAN’S INFO: The Riley School of Irish Music

PHONE: 513.549.3780


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