Voices of Giving: Eric Bruestle, Esq.

Eric Bruestle has been actively involved with Beech Acres Parenting Center for 25 years. He has held numerous volunteer and leadership positions, including serving on the Board of Directors, as chair, and planned giving committee chair. He has consistently been the ''voice for children'' - advocating for the highest quality programs to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Eric has played a pivotal role in facilitating bequests to Beech Acres totaling untold millions of dollars. His invaluable contribution is what has allowed Beech Acres the resources to transform itself from a 19th century orphanage to a 21st century parenting center - which served almost 13,000 parents and children in 2009 alone. He is most certainly a driving force in Beech Acres' ability to achieve its vision of seeing every child thrive through intentional parenting - and thus allow children to develop all their potential to the utmost.

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