Voices of Giving: John F. and Susan C. Hoerner

John and Susan are loyal supporters and volunteers who a John and Susan are loyal supporters and volunteers who are passionate about United Way. Their passion reaches back to their childhoods.

John first became active in the United Way through his parents. He began as an eighth grade Boy Scout in Piqua, Ohio – speaking to organizations about how the Boy Scouts used United Way donations. His involvement has continued ever since, including leading an incredibly successful campaign at the P&G plant in Lima, Ohio, which he managed. ''We kicked off the area campaign with 100% participation. Never before or since did they have that sort of success.''

Susan lost her father when she was five years. ''Being fatherless in 1949 was really hard. People didn't respond the way they do today.'' Susan believes so strongly in the United Way because of the help they provide to families and children, the type of help she needed as a child.

The Hoerners have made a provision in their charitable remainder trust to support the United Way because they have seen the breadth and depth of impact it has wherever they have worked or lived.

''There is no question in my mind that the United Way is the best organization to distribute assets efficiently, honestly and in a business-like way to help the less fortunate... Since we are so blessed in terms of life experiences, we would like to return to the community at large through this useful filter.''

The Hoerners' planned gift creates opportunities and inspires hope for a better tomorrow. They see it as a tomorrow in which all children can be prepared for kindergarten, graduate from high school, become healthy, financially stable adults. A tomorrow in which all individuals can live healthy, rewarding, quality lives and achieve maximum independence.

The United Way is honored to count John and Susan Hoerner among their most dedicated supporters. Through their estate gift they are ensuring the future of the United Way and the future of our community. By involving their children and grand children in charitable giving, they are also encouraging and inspiring new generations of caring philanthropists.

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