Voices of Giving: Oakley and Eva Farris

Oakley and Eva Farris have devoted their lives to improving their community, and, in the process, they have transformed countless lives.

Always a partnership, Eva drove Oakley around the country so he could sell supplies for the Segal-Wilson Company. At the same time, they began to build their fortune as real estate owners in Covington, Kentucky. In an effort to improve their neighborhood and the surrounding areas, they began to invest in the quality of life of Northern Kentucky – from the arts to education. Murals, buildings and scholarships are all part of their gifts to the community.

In 1997, the Farrises turned their attention to NKU. Their gifts have improved the university immensely: high-tech classrooms, the Archives' Special Collections, the reading room in the W. Frank Steely Library, the renovation of the auditorium and amphitheater, which bear Eva. G. Farris' name. By donating to the university's scholarship funds, in particular the Haile / US Bank College of Business, they have enabled NKU to retain and nurture the best and brightest students who have gone on to become business leaders in our region.

In 2009, Oakley and Eva pledged a retained life estate gift to NKU for the College of Informatics. This is one of the newest and most innovative programs at the university.

The Farrises wish to help the university to stay on the cutting edge of educational advancement beyond their lifetime. Nothing less than eternal thanks are due to Oakley and Eva Ferris for their life-long spirit of giving and the countless lives that will be touched by their generosity.

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