Voices of Giving: Robert (Bob) and Dell Ann Sathe

Bob and Dell Ann Sathe became advocates and benefactors of Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House thanks to their friends Gary and Joan Thompson. Bob and Dell Ann have served the House in so many ways - on the Board and Major Gifts committee, permanently naming a guest room, coming to serve meals to guest families with their own family and friends. ''What if your child were critical and the best care could only be found hours, states or continents away? What would you do, where would you stay, how would you cope?'' Bob and Dell Ann have helped answer these questions through their generous support of Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House. With their IRA estate gift, Bob and Dell Ann want to make sure that every family with a critically ill child will always find 3 priceless gifts when they come to Cincinnati:
- all the comforts of home right next door to the hospital
- a caring community to embrace them in a city not their own
- the emotional and financial freedom to devote all their time and energy to the healing of their children. Bob and Dell Ann truly are and wish to remain ''on the front line'' of caring for families whose lives have been turned inside out by a child's critical illness and to offer the lasting gift of hope and healing.

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