Viewfinder Library

''Viewfinder'' host Zo Wesson talks with the producer, director, DP and lead actor of a short film that Zo calls ''one of the best shorts I've ever seen on this show''.

Zo Wesson talks with the medical and artistic professionals behind the unique partnership of ''Cardiac Dance – The Spirals of Life''.


Over-the-Rhine is an area that inspires much debate, and it's a source of inspiration for two programs currently in production.

College Film Festival 2009

The challenge: you have 5 days to write, cast, and scout locations and 5 days to shoot and do all of your post-production work.

Michael Katchman

Michael Katchman talks with Zo Wesson about his work as a film distributor with Orion, Lionsgate, and now as President of Cincinnati-based Rivercoast Films.